This is what you don't know

  • Communication is the hardest thing we do - and successful communication requires strategic approach.
  • If you want to grow your existing relationships into increased revenue and future business, your company, your teams, and your clients need help communicating. 
  • Every lost client is a relationship gone bad, and every relationship gone bad is due to communication gone bad BECAUSE business development is relationship development.


This is what makes me different

If you want:

  • Deeper revenue streams through your existing business
  • Greater team productivity, retention + morale
  • To prevent client attrition

I will show you how through: 

  • Authentic, organic business relationship development 
  • Team cohesion, collaboration and engagement
  • Client relationship risk management and resolution

This is why my clients hire me

Communicating is the hardest thing we do. Really. 

My clients mitigate catastrophic risks (financial and human resource) and turn them into opportunities for client loyalty, business development, and cohesive, collaborative teams.

To support your teams, I provide leadership training workshops, courses and coaching for both 1:1 and for teams that give them the tools, skills and support they need to do business better and get more out of their life and their work.

Click below to develop your key client relationships into deeper revenue streams, bridge communication gaps, manage difficult people and take control of challenging situations. 

From client meetings, phone calls, team emails, face-to-face on the trade show floor to business dinners: If you're not strategically talking with your clients, your leadership and your teams, you're leaving your reputation on the line and money on the table. 

Get your teams, your company and yourself the strategies, the answers, the tools you need to deepen your existing client portfolio, maximize the value your team delivers, and generate revenue-driving client relationships.  


Over 15 years I've built a business and reputation on solid relationship development, and client and team engagement and motivation. With a background in communication theory and psychology training, plus industry leadership experience as a professional program and project manager - I know exactly how to help your teams and contributors build  strategic relationships across your entire client base. 

I believe how others respond to you and your business is a choice - How are your choices working for you?