(SPOILER ALERT :: It involves women buying what you're selling and clamoring to work with you)


In the throws of designing your go-to-market plan, growing your target audience or just trying to penetrate that sought after and lucrative female market it can be hard to nail the right, effective approach. 

You might find yourself wanting to amplify your market impact to get your offerings to those who need and would benefit most. Or, you might be looking to build just the right product but you need help to solidify your foundational insight and understanding of your target female demographic. 

Let's be honest. What you really want is more sales. You want more women to do choose you and spend their shiny dollars investing in your business. 

Business-to-business consulting will get you that insight, that edge, that revenue growth in today's modern female marketplace. 


  • Comprehensive assessment to help me get to know you and your business goals. 
  • One 90-minute Skype session each month to hear your particular situation and design an actionable game plan. 
  • A video recording of our meeting along with 3 action items to carry out before our next Skype session. 
  • One weekly check-in via email to track your progress and answer any questions.


You're ready to receive critique - take action - and reap massive rewards. 

In order to make the most of our time together, you must be willing to put in the hard work, stop the excuses, complete the action, show up, and deliver. 

$1,500 / MONTH  :: 3 MONTH MINIMUM


What is going on in your workplace? Is there hostility? Drama? How exhausting! (Um - and expensive.)

All that wasted time and energy when the focus should be on doing the work. 

Coaching and training teams and individuals out of broken communication patterns can save you, your team, your business literally tens of thousands in regained time, focus and productivity. 


  • Scenario-specific solutions to meet your precise personality, situational and environmental issues head-on
  • 100% undivided support through root-cause issue analysis, target engagement, and success delivery
  • Attention to the specific nuances of your trouble spots 
  • Constant access to support to resolve challenges, answer questions and support your goal achievement


Coaching sessions can be done virtually or in-person. The strategies vary based on need but can include: 

  • Team workshops for multiple-, one-, partial day events
  • Customized team + individual trainings and ongoing specialized support throughout the strategy execution
  • Onsite observation and customized recommendations
  • Solution proposals including written, role-play, scenario-based exercises 

Click the "Tell Me More" button to learn about which coaching + training solutions will best meet you specific needs. 

I'll schedule a 20-minute introduction call with you to assess your specific situation and we can decide which approach will get you the results you need and want.