Your Professional Development Silver Bullet
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How to lead with authenticity and impact to achieve your career goals with character and class. 


What if you could love your work, be powerful, respected, relevant, and appreciated – in the job you’re in now? 

The validation of knowing your work is appreciated and your contributions matter. The confidence to share your inspiration, passion and ideas with the world. And the freedom to choose the life and job you want – now and tomorrow.

Introducing Your Professional Development Silver Bullet, the proven, step-by-step formula that takes you from being “beyond frustrated” to an impactful and appreciated leader. Then, the tested business systems to expand from your day-to-day to ongoing influence and respect.

Finally, the (free) e-course that just works:

  • Even if… you’re not in your “end-goal” career field
  • Even if… you don’t know what you want to do with your life
  • Even if… you’ve burnt some bridges (or been burned) in the past
  • Even if… you can’t stand the job you’re in now or the people you work with
  • Even if… you’re overwhelmed with no idea of where to start


  • Are stuck in a job where you don’t feel valued
  • Have left a trail of failed attempts to get your work and your team moving in the right direction
  • Are surrounded by others who are hostile, defensive, and unmotivated
  • Have been passed over or ignored
  • Hit roadblock after roadblock when you try to get things done
  • Feel overworked and under-appreciated
  • Day dream about quitting or find yourself on the emotion-brink every day

Then Professional Development Silver Bullet is for you. 

This one-week e-course intensive will cover: 

  • IMPACT: The tools and tactics you need to move forward, make progress and lead with strength to deliver results.
  • COME FROM: What do you really want & why so that you can tap into the human-psychology that motivates us all – even the morons and b-words.
  • ACTION! With strategy in place and the right motivational tools in place to get others to act in alignment with your objectives and to be happy doing it! 

Years ago, did you dream of waking up every morning to a blaring alarm and going in to work in an “Office Space” cube-ville where you feel like a sellout or a drone? Like you’re trading your soul for corporate American and settling, forfeiting your passion for a paycheck?

Weary, frustrated, discouraged – overloaded and un- or under-appreciated, resigned to the same old… because you’ve been told “it is what it is.”

What if life were different?

Imagine a Monday morning when you wake up and you’re excited to get to work. You’re looking forward to the conversations on your calendar and can’t wait to share your ideas with your team and boss. 

As you get into the office, you get an email from a coworker thanking you for the work you did and a note from your boss saying, “Well done!” Others find your ideas contagious. During the day, you’re asked for your thoughts and advice on dealing with a challenge because you’re the go-to expert that everyone wants to work with. You make recommendations that are heard and ask questions that guide the conversations in productive directions.

This isn’t a pipe dream or a fantasy from a Wall Street movie scene. This isn’t the life reserved for the uber successful or powerful industry titans. You can live this life. Right now. In the job you’re in now. Even if you’re not sure what you want to do with your career.

I never wanted to feel trapped in my job. I never wanted to check my joy at the door during my day-job. And I never wanted to regret the work I was doing to earn money to support my life and goals.

Basic life truths: Life is too short to not live up to the fullness of your talents, passions and purpose. AND – Life is way too short to be broke.

I didn’t know how to do them both. I just knew I wanted to figure it out, somehow. 

And with a lot of luck and hard work, I went from beyond-broke, heart-centered post-grad to six-figure consultant able to joyfully and purposefully apply my passions, skills and talents for psychology and communication in the corporate world.

And for the first time, I’m going to teach you how to authentically be your best-self, thrive in your job (no matter what that job is) and lead your own career dream of relevance, respect and results.

Not in a scammy, “Get ahead today!” or “Get a five-figure raise this month!” way, but in a way that organically and elegantly leverages your passions, talents and skills – exactly where you are, exactly as you are – right now.

Tarah Keech, MA, PMP
Hi, I’m Tarah Keech.
I specialize in executive communication strategy and interpersonal PR and I’m here to teach you how to authentically be your best-self, thrive in your job (no matter what that job is) and live your career dream of relevance, respect and results.


But when I started, I didn’t know anything about...

  • Presentation
  • Networking
  • Negotiating

Much less how these tools can be leveraged to lead and influence – to make you the go-to, garner instant respect, power and privilege:

  • Interpersonal PR
  • Confidence
  • Persuasion
  • Peacemaking
  • Engagement and Motivatio 

I just knew I had something I wanted to share with the world. You know that feeling when you spend your free time reading everything you can about the thing you love? When you start noticing your friends coming to you for advice? I knew that I was good at my passion – and that I could help people. So, I decided to try applying what I could in my corporate, cubicle village.

I made a lot of mistakes. Learned a lot of lessons the painful way. But I was learning.

I learned how to listen, observe, and research. How to read the political tea leaves and get to a level of connection with the un-touchables and get in good with the “problem” people that no one else could stand to work with. I learned how to mediate and negotiate. To bring disparate opinions together and unite them for the common goals.

And overtime, I realized I could help more of the people like me, in corporate environments everywhere, those who really wanted to be helped – those who want their lives and work to matter and to make a difference.

Fast-forward to now –

I’ve built the business systems to help career beginners, starter-overers, and executives alike advance not just their career tracks but their life-satisfaction.

And I’m ready to show you how. 

When your J-O-B becomes a source of encouragement and motivation, an outlet for your best-self to shine, all aspects of your life improve. Corporate jobs don’t have to mean selling-out. Your job can be an avenue for your purpose to be lived – right where you are, in the job you’re in, in the life you’re in, right now.

But first, I want to ask you an honest question:

Why do you want it? What will that difference mean to you? For my clients, it’s no surprise. They want the freedom to be themselves and be appreciated for the work they do. They want to be heard. They want to matter. More freedom, more control, more opportunity (and not to work their butts off for just a paycheck). 


You’ll get these lessons in a 7-day, email course that covers the entire process of making a real-life impact in the work you do and the relationships you have.

You’ll learn the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics and examples of how to frame your position and asks so that others hear, respect and respond, and then use systems to drive positive change even when situations are intimidating and politics are tricky.

You don’t need to be an executive or team lead and you don’t have to have a perfect record or reputation to build the career path of your dreams. 


And as you become more advanced, PDSB contains the right strategies to use at the right time whether you’re starting over or going out for a promotion. You’ll come back to these lessons time and time again.

This is what I have done and teach my clients how to do. It works. It’s not guaranteed to get you a promotion or land your dream job in the next month but it will strategically position you as a respected leader and as a valuable contributor / influencer – where you are now and where you want to go.


There's a helping hand along the way. Our private PDSB Facebook community is here to help you, answer questions, be a sounding board, a networking opportunity and a constant source of encouragement.

Build the career, reputation, impact and legacy you want

This is not for you if…

  • You don’t care what difference you make in the world
  • Want instant wins, no matter what it takes (even if it means your reputation)
  • Are entitled to career advances and respect, and expect success to be handed to you

This is right for you if…

  • You’re ready to stop faking it until you make it and start living your best-career, right now, right where you are.
  • You’re patient, deliberate, and methodical. You’re committed to spending time and thoughtful energy to build a successful career and you know it won’t happen overnight.
  • You’re looking for a system, not random tactics

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