Communication Community & Workgroup


Have you ever wished for a safe place to work through tough conversations BEFORE you have to have them? A sounding board to give you support and help you make sure your point is as clear and powerful as possible? 

"Anytime I used to communicate I'd face LOTS OF FEAR: fear of failure, fear of being rejected, fear of not being right (like completely being off-based or not understanding something, so my two cents are totally wrong)." 


"The [coworker] with the difficult personality was STRESSING ME OUT, keeping me awake at night, and had me contemplating leaving my job because I could NOT figure out what to do!"

Now forming, a workgroup and virtual community where you can practice and get live, interactive feedback on what you want to say: both in conversation and in writing. 

Click below to submit your application. Registration is open through November 1st. 

"You're my cheerleaders and my coaches! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Join us! 

Complete this quick application and we will be back in touch with you within 48 hours. 

This application is part of our process that helps our group maintain our "safe zone" so you can feel free to ask the hard questions and know that you're being supported by others who truly care and have your best interest at heart. 

There isn't a fee but there is the expectation that you will participate. Share your needs and share your advice. 

Together we are able to become our best selves!

We can't wait to have you join us!