YOUR Time: Your “ultimate health” and getting back to your true self with TMAC’s Holistic Hair Studio

“Our salon is different. You don’t walk in to crazy business and get your hair done. This is YOUR time.”

Tara May’s TMAC Holistic Hair Studio does hair differently. Sure, her team gives you beautiful styles, cuts and colors. But HOW they take care of you and WHY they do it makes TMAC’s a sanctuary and gives you a whole body, mind and spirit refresh.

“We believe in: Environment, service, passion, compassion”

Why TMAC’s does what they do

You wouldn’t fit in here if you come in and want to be treated like the hottest thing in town and be snooty. But if you are hungry for an authentic, kind, real experience, TMAC’s will feel like you’ve come home.

“We have such diverse clientele. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Asian. It doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60, male or female. A lot of salons guys won’t go into because they feel out of place but here, it feels normal.”

It’s a busy, busy life. As moms we neglect ourselves ALL.THE.TIME. Whenever you get your roots touched up and you just have that sense of, “Ah, I’m back to me again.” That’s a refreshment. Each visit should be a refreshment. A refreshment of energy and healing and self-reflection and feeling like your cup is full. You’ve been refreshed completely in a whole way.

“That’s why I say ‘holistic’ hairdressing: it should be mind, body, spirit. Refreshing all elements and getting back to your true self.”

How TMAC’s does what they do

“The consult is not all about what shade of brown you want to be.”

Holistic (as in Whole-Self Health)

The TMAC team has an in-depth knowledge of hair as well as the scalp and skin.

Most salons don’t go in depth to take care of their customer. It’s usually just how do you want your hair cut and what color.

The TMAC experience is completely different. Visit and see.

Almost everyone has something they don’t like about themselves and they want answers. They’ve either never been in a salon that asks, or they expect that the stylist will tell them if there’s a problem.

People want answers from their hairdressers. They want to learn, not only about that but how to style and do different things. It’s more about personalization than, “Come give me your money, get your hair done and leave.”

Tara’s intention has been my experience, “When you walk in, we’re going to do a full consult, we’re going to do an analysis and go through everything we can. We treat your whole self: diet, products, supplements and vitamins if you’re lacking or not, hormone levels and recommendations for testosterone panels. We’ll go through everything you use.”


TMAC’s is an organic, eco-conscious salon because sustainability matters. It matters to Tara, it matters to her staff, it matters to her clients and it matters to me.

Their product line, OWAY is a testament to that. Sustainably sourced, bio-dynamically farmed, organic, fair trade, and in refillable 100% recyclable packaging, this luxurious brand is supremely sustainable, built on global-wellbeing and green chemistry. Seriously, you have got to come see, try, feel and smell these glorious products.

You belong. Come see for yourself.

 “You belong here if you’re looking for something that’s ecofriendly, if that matters to you. If minimalizing your life and being conscious of the waste you put out matters to you. If your carbon footprint matters to you. If you’re at all concerned about how you eat and what you put on your body, then it’s going to make all the difference to you.”

Book your appointment with Tara and her team right now through their uber convenient online portal. Come see for yourself. Book now in Mobile or Daphne.

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