What is Compassionate Communication?

You matter. 

The way you spend your days is the way you spend your life. 
You deserve to be seen, heard, understood and acknowledged. 
You want to make a positive difference and do good in the world.
You are capable of your best self and you are enabled, as-is, right here, right now, to fulfill your purpose in this life.

Compassionate Communication begins with the choice to believe the same about others.

They want to do good.

They want to matter.

Understanding this, and making this choice - choosing Compassionate Communication - is powerful. Game-changing, life-shaking, next-level powerful. 

Even in the midst of conflict, discouragement, negotiation, anxiety, competition, fear and harassment Compassionate Communication aligns needs and motivations so you can achieve. It’s collaborative, cooperative and creative. It is authentic, sincere and impactful - not coercive, not salesy, not slimy, twitchy or stinky.

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With Compassionate Communication, you gain: 

  • The power to lead, create cohesion, peace make, negotiate win-win-win solutions
  • The social confidence and skills to be seen, heard and understood, to build relationships and be appreciated
  • The impact to solution-build and align others so you can propel and make good on your goals

Compassionate Communication skills are transferrable to every.single.thing we do as humans. In every relationship you have, in every role you’ll ever fill and every job you’ll ever do, Compassionate Communication helps you be your best possible self and achieve the best possible results. 

Living with passion, living authentically, living your calling, living your purpose - Compassionate Communication helps you thrive wherever you are and takes you where it is that you want to be. 

ACTION :: When have you communicated with compassion? When do you wish someone else had? Write your thoughts in the comments below.