3 Things that May Happen If You Become A More Mindful Manager

Mindful Manager

Who is a mindful manager?

Regardless of where you are in your career, in your company or in your relationships outside of work, we can use mindfulness to positively influence the actions and attitudes up the ladder, down through our teams and across to our peers.

Mindful management is the singular most powerful way to make a difference. Mindful managers make the most of their opportunities. They maximize the abilities, talents and opportunities of their teams. They make progress. They make an impact. They matter.

To manage mindfully means being in tune with your needs, intentions and ambitions as well as those of your teams, your leaders and your peers.  

These three things may happen if you become a more mindful manager.

  1. You will get where you want to go. It’s all about starting where you are. Regardless of where you are in this moment, this moment is a part of your whole story. There is purpose in the journey and this journey is the story of how you reach your ultimate goal, your future, your vision. Don’t despair but do take action.
  2. You can get people to do what you want (and not compromise your values). Mindful managers lead with love and sincerity. Enough already with the cut throat, survivalist, reactionary corporate status quo.
  3. Your creativity and productivity will increase. You will be the best possible steward of your talents, your vision, your inspiration and that of those you live and work with.

So how?

The key to becoming a mindful manager is to tap into your values and exercise them without compromise. This is what makes the great leaders truly authentic - and authenticity is impactful.

This is fundamental to being impactful and influential and it’s the groundwork you need to lead (with love, respect, and self respect) and get others to do what you want.

We will be diving into the specifics of “how to get others to do what you want” next in the Mindful Management leadership series, starting right here.

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With love, joy & gratitude, Tarah